Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bloglines/ RSS Feeds

Here are my bloglines subscriptions for anyone who is interested!


RSS Feeds were the first thing we have done in Learning 2.0 that I had not heard about yet (but I haven't heard about a lot of the stuff that is coming, so it's not the last!) I don't read a lot of blogs, and those I do read I enjoy navigating to. I usually read Kate Harding's Shapely Prose, which is a body acceptance blog www.kateharding.net, but I enjoy checking into that page directly, so I deliberately did not subscribe to it on Bloglines. I also enjoy checking my sister's flickr account of my nephew Peter, and I subscribed to that on Bloglines just to see how it would look.

However, in the RSS Feeds/ Bloglines exercise, I found out I was able to subscribe to "tartx" which is the blog of one of my favorite emerging collage/ mixed media artists, Tiffini Electra X. Here is her art web site with a link to her blog: http://www.tartx.com/. It looks like she doesn't blog that much, but now I will be able to find out when she does. The picture in this post is called "The Girl and the Raven" and I just ordered a print of it for my office! Regarding using Tiffini Electra X's images, see her disclaimer here: http://www.tartx.com/blog/.

I also have an interest in cultural studies, critical theory, post-structuralism, deconstruction, and post-modernism. I tried looking in syndic8 - no luck. I would really like to find some blogs to "feed on" so I can keep current in these fields of theory. I will have to keep looking - I don't think there is a lot out there. If I discover differently, I will blog about that!

After subscribing to the most interesting blogs and feeds I could think of, I looked at my Bloglines feeds and still felt overwhelmed, especially when it tells me how many items I have unread! But having it all in one place is a great thing.

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